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Club Members
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Listed below are the members of White River Rotary:


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Member Name   Classification
Marilyn Bedell   
Rich Berryman   
Alley Boucher   
Dave Briggs    Hospitality
David Ford   
Tony Gilmore    District Governor
Jeremy Greeley    Architect
Phil Hammond   
Scott Hausler   
Renee Hebert   
Richard Hoffman   
David Hoopes   
Margo Howland, Esq    Law - Transactional Practice
Dave Landry   
Chip Lewis, Jr    Real Estate
Aaron MacAskill   
Kipp Miller   
Skip Nalette   
Tadd Nunez   
Gayle Ottmann   
Carmelle Paulson   
Kathi Perkins    Education - Retired
Kim Potter    Educator - retired
Brad Rostron   
Jim Rostron, Jr    Highway supervisor - retired
Nancy Russell   
Wayne Russell    Retired
David Saturley   
Lisa Saturley   
Sue Shaw    Business Manager, UVAC
PJ Skehan   
Ray Stanford   
Brad Vail   
George Wenz   
viewing 1 to 34 of 34                                           >> Next 14 >>
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