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 September 7, 2021

 Read"Team Work makes Rotary Work"

                                                 The Rotarian, September 2021, p 15.


News Items:


Our Meeting:



    The Pledge to the Flag was led by Phil. The song "America the Beautiful" was led by Phil.

Quiet Moment:

     Phil said a prayer for those who are suffering from Hurricane Ida in the South.


    Vicky Trombly, HACTC. (A proposed member)

Visiting Rotarians:

     Carolyn Johnson

Happy Dollars: Rotarian Ray served as Sergeant-at-Arms.

The following Rotarians were happy because:

* David S. - he had a pleasant and productive meeting with Dist Foundation Chair Venu Rao, DG John Bob, and  the new Rotary Foundation Annual Giving Chair, Rebecca Silber.

* Wayne - $5.00 Happy to be in attendance?

* Phil - his peaches and pears are doing well.

* Brett - he is traveling to his business next week.

* Vicky - she has Richard Hoffman as her mentor and guide as she begins her new job at HACTC!

* David FF - of the weather and the river.

* Nancy - her son and family are flying up for the weekend; she had a great experience at Ray's B&B.

* Richard - he is back from a long trip to visit family; he had a great time at the Balloon Festival.

* Ray - he had Wayne and Nancy as guests.

* Jan - she and Nancy had a good meeting with Windsor Rotary.

* Carson - she had an experience swimming in the Ocean in Alaska. (Was the water Cold?)


     No fines. What a good group!


No Songs.              :-(


50/50 drawing:

     No drawing on Zoom days.



Our guest speaker today is PDG Carolyn Johnson, Chair of BELRAG

and member of Yarmouth Rotary (Maine), D7780 

    Carolyn presented the several projects she is and has been involved in in the Area of Literacy.

Literacy is one of Rotary's major funding areas world wide. Carolyn stressed the need for Rotarians to get involved in the schools and volunteer to work with the children in reading.

     Read more about BELRAG at


    President Carson led the 4-Way test and the Rotary motto.


* Wayne spoke about the possible need to find space for the Rotary Property being stored in the Peoples United Bank basement.

* Nancy reported on the progress for the Block Party on September 10 at the Listen Center. Nancy stressed the need for volunteers to help cook and serve the meal.

* Jan and Nancy reported speaking to the Windsor Rotary about participatiing in the Bread Fruit tree project. White River is applying for a grant to the District 7870.

* Nancy reported that David Curtiss has offered his large recreation room as a place to meet. More information will be discovered and the issue put before the Board of Directors.

* Carson noted she will ask the Awards Committee and the Fund Raising Committee to meet with her at separate times in the near future.

* The Board of Directors will meet this coming Monday, September 13, via Zoom, at 5:00 PM Eastern Time.


Mon   13 Sep  Board of Directors, on Zoom at 5:00 PM Eastern time.

Tue     21 Sep  Regular Meeting 6:00 PM Place to be announced.


None were admitted to.

Students of the Month:  Honored every month between October and May on the second Tuesday at the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center.    Look forward to starting next Month.


Service Above Self Awards:  Presented two or three times a year to high school students who have served their community in a vounteer program.    Look forward to restarting this program.



   Members at the meeting:                 Are highlighte below.

Ken Baldwin, David Briggs, Scott Farnsworth, David F. Ford, Erin Fredieu,

Brannon Godfrey, Phil HammondScott Hausler, Jan Hebert, Randy Hodge,

Richard Hoffman, Margo Howland, Carson Wenz, David Landry, Aaron MacAskill,

Brett Mayfield, Joe Major, Kipp Miller, Skip Nalette, Gayle Ottmann, Heather Potter,

Jim Rostron, Nancy Russell, Wayne Russell, Aidan Saturley, David Saturley, PJ Skehan, 

Ray Stanford, Lynn Towne, Brad Vail, George Wenz.      (31 COUNTED) 


   Rotarians in Service to the community:  

   Community members helping Rotary:


   Rotarians at Rotary Social Events:

   Rotarians we missed:                          Are not highlighted above.


                                                        10 / 31 = 32% at the meeting.

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Notes by Phil Hammond                                                   River Log Construction by Phil Hammond

Editing by Gloria Hammond                                              Keyboarding and Email by Phil Hammond.