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August 14, 2018

 Read "People of Action Around  the Globe"

  The Rotarian, August 2018, p 16 to 17


News Items:


Our Meeting:



    The Pledge to the Flag was led by President Rich. The song "God Bless America"was led by Phil


    See visiting Rotarians.

Visiting Rotarians:

   Barbara Quinby, Lakeland Casino Rotary, Florida

   Jess Turner, The Villages Evening Rotary, Florida

   Ed Nichols, Seebring, Florida  



From left to right: Jess Turner, Ed Nichols, Barbara Quinby


Happy Dollars: Rotarian Ray Stanford served as Sergeant-at-Arms.

The following Rotarians were happy because:

* Ray - he suggested every one up a buck for the Red Sox.

* Chip - he and Linka celebrated their 50th anniversary in Hull, Mass with family; son and family are going on a year long trip around the world.

* Jim - the Patriots won; sad he won't be here next week but happy he will be at a Blue Grass Festival.

* Phil - he can welcome the visitors from Florida; he and Gloria had a fun time filling out a questionnaire for PJ.

* Wayne - the Red Sox won and to welcome the visitors.

* Margo - she has a new mailbox; she can welcome the visitors; the Red Sox won.

* Dave FF - a friend from Florida delivered 3/4 ton of crushed sea shell for his driveway.

* Rich - to announce a Polar Express meeting Thursday at 5:15 at the White River Junction Visitor Center.

* Jeremy - the Red Sox won; for peace and quiet at home.


Late:                                                                      Cell phone:

No Pin:     PJ, Kipp                                               No Badge:  PJ

Leaving Early:

Member proposed Fines:



     No songs today except the patriotic song and Happy Anniversary to Chip and Linka. 

50/50 drawing:

   Guest Rotarian Barbara Quinby drew Dave S 's number. Dave  chose a white heart shaped rock and did not win the "pot".  


     President Rich introduced the topic of Visioning with his goal of having the club choose two or three items that the club should work on first. He emphasized that we would go back to the rest of the categories at a later date. Rich summarized the discussion as follows:

  1. Need to define what it is that the Rotary Club of White River Junction stands for. Once defined, this will lead to the need to:
  2. Embracing change
  3. Increase Membership ( and all that, that means) including but not limited to:
    1. Variety of member categories leading to a more:
    2. diverse membership that leads to:
    3. emphasis on service projects, not just showing up for lunch. Then, as we increase our membership the need to have:
  4. Flexible meeting schedule and Varied Meeting locations as dictated by when members can meet and the varied interests in service projects of our members.
  5. Additional items mentioned today dealt with:
    1. More Public Relations
    2. International service

     Some of the other items mentioned from the summary list provided by Jeremy included:

       Maintaining present/active members.

       Reemphasize an active Public Relations Committee.

       Review the data base of past members that have left the club over the years.

       Consider varied program sites for the meetings.

       Maintain our Sister Club relationship with the White River Rotary Club of South Africa.

       Emphasize our Community involvement and service.



   President Rich led the 4-Way test and the Rotary motto.


A little necessary club business was conducted.

* Rich read a note from the Sister City Committee in France thanking the club for its visit.

* Rich noted the Board of Directors last evening and discussed the process of discussing the Visioning and the By-Laws at the club meetings.

* The $1,000 donation to Books in Homes in South Africa was returned due to having a wrong address. The exchange rate reduced the amount received to $899.00. Rich received a motion to resend the full $1,000 as  the correct address has been received. The motion was seconded and passed.

* A request from the Parks and Rec Department was received to borrow one of the Rotary Grills. Rotarian Scott Hausler assured the club that they will be responsible for its use. Motion was made, seconded and passed.

* Steve suggested that a heat proof Rotary logo should be purchased for the Grill(s). Rich explained that the Board had discussed this and asked Margo to purchase such a logo.

The project was approved by the club. The Board had agreed that a policy for loaning the equipment be written. Nancy suggested that a contract for using the equipment be developed. Margo has agreed to work on both and make a presentation to the Board for approval. The Club approved the process.

* Rich explained that Phil and Margo had agreed to work together to combine the two presentations of the By-Laws. Their work will be presented to the club for approval in two weeks. 

* Gayle made a presentation of hats and hoodies to David and Lisa Saturley and  Wayne and Nancy Russell for their support of the Night Hawks baseball team this year and for hosting a player for the summer.




From left to right: Nancy Russell, Wayne Russell, Gayle Ottmann, David Saturley.



 Sat.    Aug   18   Brew Fest on the Lebanon Common.  Lebanon Rotary

 Tues   Aug  21   Regular Meeting.  Hotel Coolidge. 12:00 Noon

 Tues   Aug  28   Regular Meeting.  Hotel Coolidge. 12:00 Noon  


  We celebrated Chip and Linka Lewis' 50th Wedding Anniversary by singing. 

Students of the Month:  Honored every month between October and May on the second Tuesday at the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center. 

Service Above Self Awards:  Presented two or three times a year to high school students who have served their community in a vounteer program. 


   Members at the meeting:

David Briggs, Lori Brown, Stephen Dotson,  David F. Ford, Jeremy Greeley, 

Phil Hammond, Scott Hausler, Richard Hoffman, Margo Howland, Renee Hebert,

David Landry, Chip Lewis (H), Aaron MacAskill, Kipp Miller, Skip Nalette, Gayle Ottmann,

Jim Rostron, Nancy Russell, Wayne Russell, David Saturley, Lisa Saturley,

PJ Skehan, Ray Stanford, Brad Vail, George Wenz.      (24)  


   Rotarians in Service to the community:   

   Community members helping Rotary:


   Rotarians at Rotary Social Events: 

   Rotarians we missed:

      Rotarians in attendance are in bold print. Rotarians absent are not.


                                                         14 /24 = 58% at the meeting.

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Notes by Gayle Ottmann                                                River Log Construction by Phil Hammond

Editing by Gloria Hammond                                           Keyboarding and Email by Phil Hammond.

 Pictures by Richard Hoffman and Phil Hammond