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Newsletter - Archive Dec 6, 2005
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The River Log

The Rotary Club of White River 

December 6, 2005


News Items: A communication from Jeff Kerr informed me that I had published the wrong telephone number for Al Kerr and had given out his business email. He respectfully requested that you not use the telephone number listed last week or send emails to Al at the address listed. Last week's River Log has been edited to reflect Jeff's wishes.

     Al Kerr's telephone number is 1-520-299-9155. Al does not receive email, so all communication will have to be via U.S. Postal Service or phone. At the end of this newsletter is a note from Al.Don't miss reading it. Following it will be a couple of pieces from the newsletter Al sent with the note.

     Wednesday, December 7, Dave Briggs and his crew will be teaching the Lions how to put on a Community Dinner for Listen. It is expected that they will begin taking their turn putting on these very popular community service dinners.


Our Meeting:

Present: Lu Beaudry, David Briggs, Paul Buff, Larry Chase,  Gloria Hammond, Phil Hammond, Marcia Johnson, Frank Kenison, Pat Kerrigan, Bill Miller, Kipp Miller, Gayle Ottmann, Joe Ryder, Ray Stanford, George Wenz, Harold Wright.

Rotarians We Missed:  Carol Buckley, Don Burnett, Joe Collea, Lisa Hammond, Al Kerr, Jeff Knight, Aaron MacAskill, Kay Ross, Randy Whatley,                                                          

                         (See the Website www.whiteriverrotaryusa.org for make up times and locations.)

Visiting Rotarians: Neal Fox - Bethel, Richard Podelec - Bethel. Also, we were joined by 12 members of surrounding communities with interest in "Homes for Vermonters".

Make Ups Reported: Al Kerr - Rotary Club of Saddlebrooke, Tucson, Az. Paul Buff - Windsor, Phil and Gloria Hammond - Woodstock.

Opening: The Pledge of Allegiance was lead by Pres. Pat. God Bless America was lead by Phil.

Thoughtful Moment:President Pat asked us to remember our Service Men and Women especially those in Iraq. Larry said Grace

Sing-A-Long: Songs were lead by substitute Song Leader, Phil, so George could finish his dinner.

Maestro, Vermont Travel Person of the Year 2005, Gayle Ottmann, accompanied us at the "Chick Wells Memorial Key Board". We sang "O Tannenbaum", "Jingle Bells", and "Joy to the World". 

Program: Kevin Dorn, Secretary of the Agency of Commerce and Community Development, presented ideas from the draft of a Douglas Administration Policy Initiative to promote the creation of housing that is affordable for Vermonters - "Homes for Vermonters".

     Ideas expressed: * There is a housing crisis in Vermont. *The public sector needs to be involved and come up with innovative ideas. *Employees find it hard to hire personnel when there is a distance between home and work. *The VT work force is challenged to find affordable housing. *Housing needs to be near schools, water, sewer and transportation. *Increased cost of land may be relieved by 1)Accepting donations of land. 2) Surplus land owned by the State. 3) Land conservation.

Closing: President Pat lead us in The Four Way Test and the Rotary Motto.

Announcements, Calendar:

December 13: Meeting at HACTC. Students of the Month and Club Assembly.

December 15: Christmas Party at Marshland Farms 6:00 PM.

December 20: Meeting at the Hotel Coolidge.

December 27: NO MEETING.

January 3: Location to be announced. George and Ray are making arrangements.

Happy Dollars: Paul - North Carolina vacation, playing golf and enjoying warm weather; Phil - Thanked Neal Fox for Bethel's 16 shoeboxes, - For being happy; Ray - happy to be here; Pat was glad his brother-in-law was O.K. after being shot in the outhouse; Frank was happy Gloria was back; Neal said our singing rivaled Bethel's - better or worse he would not say.

Fines: Kipp - $2.00 for "snoring", $1.00 for no pin, $1.00 for not addressing Rotarian Gayle properly; Gayle - $1.00 for her name in the paper; Phil - $2.00 for not having on a badge and as a bad example as ADG  ;-)  ;


50/50 drawing: Paul Buff's ticket was drawn. He took $5.00.

Anniversaries/Birthdays: Next week the Birthday Girl needs to be in attendance or she may have to pay extra.

Students of the Month: Next week, Dec. 13 at Hartford Area Career and Technology Center.


A Note form PDG Al Kerr

     Some editing by Phil    

     All is well - trip fine. The 24 hrs in travel was a bit hard on Alba but all is well, now.

     Thanksgiving was great. There were 12 of us for dinner. Mostly all Kerrs!

     Everyone headed for home on Tuesday and we are now just two in this GIANT of a house. Will describe it in the future.

     There are 13 clubs in the area of Tucson. Visited my first make-up this noon.  It was positively great. Had a most enjoyable visit.

     Had an opportunity to show my Fund Raising wares and sold $186.00 worth. A record! And I did not have to make a "Pitch"!!!

     And a bonus - met Norm Storrs who I knew in Rutland City Rotary and later in Nashua West. He lives here 6 months and spends 6 months in Ogunquit, Maine.

     Make up enclosed.

     Please give Carol Buckley my address and phone #. I was to do it before leaving but a myriad of details prevented my doing so.

     All for this time.


          (Al, I have given Carol your address and Telephone #, and she will get the corrections with this River Log. Congratulations on your sales. We miss you. Phil )


From the "Kokopelli" of the Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke, Tucson, Az.


        "Rotary was born of the spirit of tolerance, goodwill and service, all qualities which characterized New England folks of my boyhood days, and I have tried to interpret, so far as lies within me, that faith to other men."  Paul P. Harris, "My Road to Rotary."


Notes by Gloria Hammond                     Website Keyboarding and Email by Phil Hammond