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Newsletter - Archive Oct 24, 2017
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               The Rotary Club of White River Junction, Vermont, USA

The River Log 

     Rotary Logo old

October 24, 2017   


Read "On The Tracks of the Beast ",

The Rotarian, November 2017, pps. 42 - 47


News Item:

Our District's World Polio Day advertisement was in today's Valley News, along with the names of fourteen (14) sponsoring Rotary Clubs.

Our Meeting: We met at the Hotel Coolidge for a regular program.


The Pledge was led by President Rich Hoffman. There were no songs because our song leader is still out sick.

Thoughtful Moment: David Saturley gave the invocation.


Martha Knapp, President of the Hartford Historical Society, and Judy Barwood, Capital Campaign Chairman of the Hartford Historical Society, guests of David F. Ford and program speakers.

Visiting Rotarian: Harold "Skip" Elliott.

Happy Dollars:  Rotarian  Ray Stanford served as Sergeant-at-Arms.

The following Rotarians were happy because:

 Ray Stanford -- had two clients from the Netherlands who stayed at his B & B for five days. They had originally thought that they had reservations at the Shaker Inn, but when those fell through, the Shaker Inn referred them to Ray's establishment. Ray paid $2 for that brag, then  chipped in $3 more for missing several meetings. "It's been a month from Hades," he said.

David Fairbanks-Ford was welcomed back from a trip to Russia; Gayle said she was happy the Russians "let him out" and that she has enjoyed seeing his travelogue on Facebook.  David also paid a brag to announce the Gory Daze Parade on Saturday. 

President Rich Hoffman announced that almost half the Polar Express tickets have already been sold. "At this rate we'll be sold out by Thanksgiving," he said.

George Wenz -- Eleven club members and as many guests attended the Murder Mystery Dinner Theater last Thursday at the Quechee Club. George was thanked for his efforts in organizing this event.

Gayle -- Announced the Trunk or Treat Halloween event for Saturday, October 28 from 4-6 p.m. in the Town Hall parking lot.  Hartford Parks & Recreation is sponsoring the event.  


Late:     No one                                              Cell phone:  No one

No Pin:  David Briggs                                   No Badge:   David Briggs, Jeremy Greeley

Leaving Early:   P. J. Skehan                       

Member proposed fines:   None                  

50/50 drawing:

Martha  drew  Nancy's ticket. Nancy chose a white stone heart and did not win the "pot".

Sing-A-Long:      No songs today.



Earlier this year the Hartford Historical Society launched a capital campaign to raise $400,000.00  in order to qualify for a matching grant of $100,000 from the Byrne Foundation to purchase the historic Pease House, the former Elks Lodge, in Hartford Village.


The elegant Victorian mansion will serve as the Historical Society’s new headquarters, officials said.  Martha Knapp, president of the Hartford Historical Society, and Judy Barwood, chair of the Society’s capital campaign, came to the Rotary Club meeting to talk about this ambitious effort.  They were introduced by David Fairbanks-Ford, a past trustee of the HHS.


“The front end of the Elks Club property is a beautiful 1800s house that when restored will be a gem,” Ms. Knapp said. “The back is set up as a community center – with a bar, dance hall, etc. And it has a big parking lot!” she said enthusiastically.


The need to purchase the building is driven both by a desire to preserve it and to have enough space to house all the Historical Society’s displays and artifacts.  Since 1995 the Society has been housed in the Garipay House, also in Hartford Village, a gift from two area doctors whose offices remain upstairs as an exhibit.

“The Quechee Times called us the Smithsonian of Hartford,”  Ms. Knapp said. “Everybody brings us stuff they found in their attic. We are unfortunately full  … we have no more places to put things,” she added.  The Society has had to turn down some large items that ended up in Thetford because there was no room to put them.  Although previous publicity materials indicated that the funds had to be raised by the end of October, Ms. Knapp said in answer to a question from Gayle Ottmann, that there was no hard-and-fast deadline. Nor did she say, exactly, how close they were to meeting their fundraising goal.

“I think that if we got another $100,000.00 we’d be in good shape,” she said. The fundrasising started in anticipation of the Society reaching a purchase and sale agreement with the property’s owner, Richard Daniels. The agreement has since been signed. The purchase price is $592,000.00, and the remainder of the funds the society needs will be to renovate the building.

Rotary President Rich Hoffman told Ms. Knapp and Mrs. Barwood that Rotary gives out grants twice a year, and encouraged the Society to apply for the next funding cycle. The deadline is in December.



 Rotary President Richard Hoffmann and Historical Society President Martha Knapp.














 Martha Knapp, President of the Hartford Historical Society with a display board of the significant historical houses in Hartford.

















Judy Barwood, left, and Martha Knapp, president of the Hartford Historical Society, who spoke to the White River Rotary. Judy is chair of the Capital Campaign to raise money to buy the former Elks Lodge iin Hartford Village.










  President Richard Hoffman  led The Four Way Test and the Rotary Motto.



Nominations are needed for President-elect to fill out the remainder of Zoe's term -- 2017 to June 30, 2018. Please contact President Rich at hoffmanr@hartfordschools.com if you would like to serve or have someone you would like to nominate.   


10/28/17 - Trunk or Treat with Hartford Parks & Rec Department, 4-6 p.m., Hartford Town Hall parking lot. Decorate your cars and bring Halloween goodies for the kids! Wear a costume!

10/28/17 -- Gory Daze Halloween Parade begins at 8 p.m.

10/31/17 -- Regular Rotary Club meeting, noon, Hotel Coolidge.

11/7/17 -- Regular Rotary Club meeting, noon, Hotel Coolidge.

11/13/17 -- Board of Directors meeting, 5:00 p.m., location TBD.

11/14/17 -- Rotary Club meeting, 12:15 p.m., HACTC.

11/21/17 -- Regular Rotary Club meeting, noon, Hotel Coolidge -- Club Assembly.

11/28/17 -- Regular Rotary Club meeting, noon, Hotel Coolidge.




Students of the Month:   Honored every month between October and May on the second Tuesday at the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center.


Service Above Self Awards: Presented two or three times a year to high school students who have served their community in a volunteer program.




     Members at the meeting:

         David Briggs, David F. Ford, Jerremy Greeley, Richard Hoffmann, 

         Margo Howland,   Gayle Ottmann,  Jim Rostron, Nancy Russell, Wayne Russell, 

         David Saturley,  PJ Skehan, Ray Stanford, George Wenz.     (13)

(27 - 4 = 23)

Community Members helping Rotary:

         Gloria Hammond, Ken Baldwin, Jan Rostron

Rotarians at Rotary Social Events: Murder Mystery Dinner Theater, Quechee

David Briggs, Jeremy Greeley, Richard Hoffman, Margo Howland, Chip Lewis,  Gayle Ottmann, Kim-Zoe Potter, Brad Rostron, Jim Rostron, Brad Vail, George Wenz.

Rotarians We Missed:  

Alice Baird, Phil Hammond, Scott Hausler, David Landry, Aaron MacAskill, Kipp Miller, Skip Nalette, Tad Nunez, Kim-Zoe Potter, Brad Rostron, Lisa Saturley, Sue Shaw, Brad Vail.  (13)

(See the Website www.whiteriverrotaryusa.org for make up times and locations.)


                                            13  / 23 =  65,2 % at the meeting.


Make Ups Reported: 

     International Dinner for Rotary Exchange Students, October 23, Bethel Rotary Club:

     Nancy Russell, Wayne Russell, exchange student Cele Gonzalez, David Saturley,

     Lisa Saturley.

Community Dinner: Jim Rostron, Lisa Saturley, David Saturley, October 23. 


 Notes by Margo Howland           River Log Construction by Phil Hammond & Margo Howland

 Editing by Gloria Hammond        Keyboarding and Email by Phil Hammond & Mago Howland

                                              Pictures by Margo Howland