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Photo Album

Album Name: Polar Express - 2009 to 2011 Return to Albums
Album Date: Dec 13, 2009
Description: The White River Rotary operates a Polar Express Franchise for the benefit of Children and Adults in the attendance Area. Participants come from many miles away to participate in The Polar Express. No pictures were taken on December 12. We thank all volunteers who helped us on both days.
(click an image to enlarge and start a slide show)
The Polar Express Train The Polar Express train The Polar Express Train Pick up your tickets ! Picking up tickets
Is the train coming? Souvenirs for sale ! Buying Souvenirs. We are on the train! There are  more coming!
A seat at last ! This is fun, Dad ! Chefs and conductors. [C's & C's] C's & C's C's & C's
C's & C's C's & C's C's & C's C's & C's C's & C's
Serving Hot Chocolate The Chocolate Factory.
Thanks to the Carriage Shed The Chef. Watching his kettle. Ready to deliver. Pushing to the train.
Waiting for a Chef. Pretty heavy. Thanks, Dave. Walking to the North Pole. This trip had snow.
Enter here ! Down this hall. Come thru here. The story teller's stand Santa will be here !!
Santa's Sound System ! Helpful Elves take a rest. Santa's Elf gives instructions. Where is Santa ? Let's call S-A-N-T-A !!!!!!
Here he is ! Have you been good Boys and Girls ??? Let's read The Polar Express ! Listening. Have you been GOOD ?
Cookies for everyone ! This way out. Come again ! The Elf Lady Elves on the job. This way, please.
Elves at rest And more Elves at Rest ! Elves eat lunch.
More Elves eat lunch. More challenges ? We solve them all. Head Jolly Person. Elves and Jolly People
wave us off - and then ---- wave us back in ! A happy family ! Closing the window on 2009. Happy Christmas to all.