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Newsletter - Current Oct 20, 2021
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The Rotary Club of White River Junction, Vermont, USA

The River Log 

   Rotary Wheel

Rotary Logo

 October 20, 2021

 Read "The Conversation - Aiden O'Leary"

                                                 The Rotarian, October 2021, p 30-35


News Items:  Our District Grant for Bread Fruit trees in Roatan has been approved!

Our Meeting:


    The Pledge to the Flag was led by President Carson.  "America the Beautiful" was led by Phil.

Quiet Moment:

     Phil gave an invocation in memmory of the Osage Native Americans who were murdered for their oil rights on land they had been forced to inhabit when removed from their native lands. A very sad and embarrassing time in American History.


    No visitors

Visiting Rotarians:

   No visiting Rotarians.

Happy Dollars: Rotarian Ray served as Sergeant-at-Arms.

The following Rotarians were giving:

* Ray - $5 in memory of his brother-in-law, John Patterson, on his passing.

* Wayne - Sad $ in memory of Ray's brother-in-law.

* Phil - $5 in memory of Ray's brother-in-law.

* David S - $5 in memory of Ray's brother-in-law. $5 in honor of the work Vicki Trombley did arranging for the HACTC luncheon.

* Aaron - $5 in memory of Ray's brother-in-law. $10 for new grandson and new granddaughter.

* Rich - $5 in memory of Ray's brother-in-law; a trip to Salem; harvesting the last of the tomatoes.

* Brett - $5 in memory of Ray's brother-in-law.

* George - of the president and family members.

* Jan - she spent Saturday with an 89 year old friend.

* Carson - $5 in memory of Ray's brother-in-law; George and friends; family coming from Montana.


Late:     One ignored late fee.  ;-)


     No Songs!

50/50 drawing:

     No drawing! Can't sell tickets on Zoom.

Program:                                   Club Assembly - Business meeting.

President Carson conducted the meeting.

     Financials were moved, seconded and approved.

     Board meeting minutes were amended to increase the amount for flags for the Hartland Elementary School to $203.66. Motions were moved, seconded and approved.

     President Carson presented the annual request to help fund the Rotary Rose Parade float. It was moved, seconded and approved to contribute $100. to the project.    


          Fund raising committee:

               Minutes were presented by Ray. Discussion of how to participate with the Rec Dept on Skating with Santa and Hockey games concession stand. Brett will help facilitate the information and the decision.

               George encouraged the Silent Auction be held at the time and place of the 10-100 party.

Arrangements for the 10-100 and the Silent Auction are pending.

               Jan is looking into establishing a donation opportunity for her Non-profit with it making a donation to Rotary. More information coming.

          International committee:

               Our District Grant application of $1500 and $500 from Windsor has been approved making an amount of $3,500 to be spent with the Roatan Rotary for Bread Fruit Trees. Jan will take care of the communication concerning the project.

                Phil requested that the committee support the $1,000 annual contribution to Books in Homes with Pennren College in White River South Africa. This contribution has been inplace for appoximately 15 years and is part of our Literature program. It was agreed to put the request on the agenda for the next BOD meeting.

          Awards Committee:

                Brett reported that the committee agreed to continue the Awards to Students of the Month at Hartford High School and Hartford Career and Technology Center. Other awards will be taken up closer to the end of the year.

          Meeting Space:

                President Carson will contact Dave Ford about using the Main Street Museum for the first meeting in November. A discussion of the other Tuesdays revealed: We will maintain the first Tuesday on Zoom to accommodate the programs already scheduled. The second Tuesday will remain at the HACTC Getaway Restaurant for the Students of the Month program. The third Tuesday is  open. Phil will contact Dave Briggs about a noon meeting at the Hotel Coolidge. The fourth Tuesday is  open and Brett will contact Scott Hausler and others  to make arrangements for a 7:00 AM  breakfast meeting at the Hartford Town Office.


* Wayne announced we received the 2020-2021 Rotary Citation from President Holger Knaak.

* Dave S. announced that November 24 is Polio Day. He reported that Rotary International is asking for each Rotarian  to donate $20.21 for the irradication of Polio.

* Pres. Carson supported the request and asked each WRJ Rotarian to contribute the $20.21

* Dave S. spoke about the Rotary Leadership Institutes that are scheduled.


    President Carson  led the 4-Way test and the Rotary motto.


 See the website calendar.


     None admitted to.

Students of the Month:  Honored every month between October and May on the second Tuesday at the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center.

Service Above Self Awards:  Presented two or three times a year to high school students who have served their community in a vounteer program.


   Members at the meeting:                 Are highlighted below:

Ken Baldwin, David Briggs, Scott Farnsworth, David F. Ford, Erin Fredieu,

Phil HammondScott Hausler, Jan Hebert, Randy Hodge,

Richard Hoffman, Margo Howland, Carson Wenz, David Landry, Aaron MacAskill,

Brett Mayfield, Joe Major, Kipp Miller, Skip Nalette, Gayle Ottmann, Heather Potter,

Jim Rostron, Nancy Russell, Wayne Russell, Aidan Saturley, David Saturley, PJ Skehan, 

Ray Stanford, Lynn Towne, Brad Vail, George Wenz.   11   (30 COUNTED) 

   Rotarians in Service to the community:  

   Community members helping Rotary:


   Rotarians at Rotary Social Events:

   Rotarians we missed:         Are not highlighted above:


                                                         11 / 30 = 37% at the meeting.

Make UPs Reported



Notes by Phil Hammond                                                     River Log Construction by Phil Hammond

Editing by Gloria Hammond                                                Keyboarding and Email by Phil Hammond