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Newsletter - Current Nov 6, 2018
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The Rotary Club of White River Junction, Vermont, USA

The River Log 

     Rotary Logo old



 November 6, 2018

 Read "President's Message"

The Rotarian, November 2018, p.1.


News Items:

     The first breakfast meeting, a once monthly action, took place very successfully at the Hartford Municipal Building, Room #2. Our thanks to Scott Hausler for setting up the room. Our thanks to Gayle Ottmann for purchasing the bagels, cream cheese, donuts and fruit. Thanks to other Rotarians for a Box of Joe from Dunkin Donuts, gluten free pumpkin muffins and for bringing the banner, badges and bell from their storage place.

       All seemed to be sufficiently satiated.

       We were pleased to be joined by three Rotarians that have a difficult time making noon meetings. We look forward to seeing more of them and other Rotarians in that category in the future.
















Gayle sets up left.  Room view right. Room view center.


Our Meeting:


    The Pledge to the Flag was led by Pesident Richard. The song "America the Beautiful" was led by Phil. 

Quiet moment:

 Invocation was given by Gayle.


    Adam Ashline - Hartford High School student

    Alyssia Ashline - HACTC student

Visiting Rotarians:

   No  visiting Rotarians at the meeting:

Happy Dollars: Rotarian Ray performed his duties as Sergeant-at-Arms.

The following Rotarians were happy because:

* Rich - $5.00 for the care his mother-in-law is receiving at the Byrne Palliative Care facility;

and his Birthday.

* Phil - $3.00 for Gloria's birthday.

* Aaron   - $ for breakfast meeting; happy to see Scott H & Joe; for the privilege to vote.

* Wayne - $ for the privilege of voting.

* Joe - $ for welcome and breakfast meeting.

* Scott H - $ happy to be here at "my" place of employment. (Hartford Town Hall)

* Jim - $ for the Patriots win! 

* Ray - have train set tickets to sell. Return stubs and money to him when sold.


 Two Birthday payments of $3.00 to sing Happy Birthday. 


Songs:          No songs today. Another day without a helping of

                      endorphins. ;-(   ;-(   ;-(


50/50 drawing:

  No drawing today.  Tickets on sale next week.


 Alyssia Ashline and brother Adam Ashline were our guests today.

     Alyssia presented her program at the Hartford Career and Technology Center and presented the Snow Cross competitions in which she and Adam participate.

     Alyssia's interests are in business, but that program was filled. She took the Cosmetology progarm and decided that she liked it. Alyssia showed several slides of the hair braiding that she had learned to do. She has signed up to attend the Paul Mitchell school (of cosmetology) in Bedford, New Hampshire next year.

     Alyssia and Adam have been participating in the Snow Cross competitions for several years. These competitions include area and national groups. Their East Coast snow circuit includes the states of CT, NY, VT, and NH. They Snow Cross with a team made up of area competitors. Their team has won many races and Alyssia has been the first place winner many times.

     The snowmobiles they ride cost $7,000 each. The machines are delivered in a box with assembly required. Alyssia and Adam, with the help of their father, assemble the machines and get them set up for the racing season. All the machines need some modification to prepare them for the competitions.

     With very little help from sponsors the family pays for the expenses of purchasing machines and travel to and from the Snow Cross meets. These meets usually take two weeks requiring housing at the competition.

     Allyssia and Adam have made arrangements with the schools (Hartford High School and Hartford Area Career and Technology Center) to be absent for the Snow Cross meets. This has been facilitated by their good standing as students and their work to complete all their assignments.

     Alyssia and Adam will be participating in a Snow Cross meet in Minnesota that lasts for two weeks. They begin their travel out there this Friday.

     It was a pleasure to have two confident teenagers make a presentation that was more polished and prepared for than many other speakers. 





< Alyssia presents her talk.





            Adam listens intently >










Alyssia shows the equipment                    and conditioning. >


                                                 Chip watches intently.




    President Rich led the 4-Way test and the Rotary motto.


    * Next week's meeting, Novembr 13, will be at the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center beginning at 12:00 noon.

    * Ray announced he had the PEX model train set tickets. Please turn in your ticket stubs and money to him as soon as they are sold. (Yes, double notice!)

    * Membership Chair, Phil, presented Joe Major with his Rotary Pin and membership certificate.



Sponsor David Saturley congratulates Joe Major for joining the Club.



Mon.     Nov      12        Board of Directors meeting. Place and Time TBA 

Tues.    Nov      13        Regular Meeting. Hartford Area Career & Technology Center 12:00 Noon  

Tues.    Nov       20       Regular meeting. Hotel Coolidge. 12:00 Noon  Club Assembly  

Tues.    Nov       27       Evening Meeting. Place and Time  TBA  

Fri.       Dec        4        Breakfast meeting. Comfort Inn. Upper White River. 7:00 AM. 

Fri.        Dec.       7       Preparations for Polar Express ! 

Sat.   Dec.   8 and Sunday Dec. 9    The Polar Express is                                                                                          running.  

Mon.      Dec.     10       Board of Directors Meeting Place and Time TBA  

Tues      Dec.     11       Regular meeting. HACTC.  12:00 Noon. Students of the Month  

Tues      Dec.     18       Regular meeting. Hotel Coolidge. 12:00 Noon. Club Assembly  

                                      Possible Christmas Luncheon. Stay tuned.  

Tues      Dec      25        Christmas!   No Meeting. 

Tues      Jan.        1        New Year's Day!  No Meeting. 

Turs.      Jan.        8        Regular meeting. HACTC.  12:00 Noon. Students of the Month 

Anniversaries and Birthdays:

  Rich, Gloria.    Happy Birthday was sung to both. 

Students of the Month:  Honored every month between October and May on the second Tuesday at the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center. 

Service Above Self Awards:  Presented two or three times a year to high school students who have served their community in a vounteer program. 


   Members at the meeting are highlighted:

David Briggs, Lori Brown, Stephen Dotson,  David F. Ford, Erin Fredieu Jeremy Greeley,

Phil Hammond, Scott Hausler, Richard Hoffman, Margo Howland, Renee Hebert, David Landry, Chip Lewis (H), Aaron MacAskill, Joe Major, Kipp Miller, Skip Nalette, Gayle Ottmann, Jim Rostron, Nancy Russell,Wayne Russell, David Saturley, Lisa Saturley,  PJ Skehan, Ray Stanford, Brad Vail,George Wenz.      (26) 

   Rotarians in Service to the community- count as makeups:

   Trunk or Treat: Dave S., Lisa S., Wayne, Gayle, Ray.

   Habitat for Humanity: Jeremy, PJ, Margo.

   Community members helping Rotary:


   Rotarians at Rotary Social Events: 

   Rotarians we missed are not highlighted above: 


                                                         13 / 26 = 50% at the meeting.

Make UPs Reported


Notes by Gayle Ottmann                                 River Log Construction by Phil Hammond

Editing by Gloria Hammond                             Keyboarding and Email by Phil Hammond. 



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