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Newsletter - Current Jun 20, 2017
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The Rotary Club of White River Junction, Vermont, USA

The River Log 

     Rotary Logo old

June 20, 2017   


Read "President Germ....",

The Rotarian, June 2017, p, 60-61.


News Items:


Our Meeting:


 The Pledge was led by President Brad. The song "America the Beautiful" was led by Phil.

 Thoughtful Moment:

Nancy said Grace. 



Visiting Rotarians:


Happy Dollars: President Brad performed the role of Sergeant-at-Arms exercising his previously learned skill of previous years.

The following Rotarians were happy because:

*Rich- Noted he will be absent from his duties as President until after July 15.

*Phil - Told a story about finding an Old Goat on his lawn and the escapades of tying him up and finding to whom he belonged. When he asked the big tall man where he lived and what was his name he said, "I am your neighbor and you used to be my Scoutmaster". He sure did not look like the 12 year old that I knew in the past.

*Phil - noted that the Club and (he) were glad he took a shower after the incident.

*Dave S - noted that he knew the goat was listed on a missing pets list; reported that in 48 hours he would be in Rome.

*Nancy - announced that Governor Elect Jon Springer is home and if his wife, Mary, can keep him quiet he will make a full recovery. Pay attention, John, it is in your best interest.  ;-) 

*Brad - reported he visited Jon in the hospital and he was "pacing in his chair".

*Nancy - reported she had a great time at the Rotary Convention in Atlanta; highlights included witnessing a contribution of a one million check for the Polio program; she noted that 1.2 billion have been raised for the program.

*George - announced that his grandson graduated from South Burlington High School; the grandson has been encouraged to give up his nickname of "Rebel"; George counseled him that he did not have to; also, the grandson's sports department has listed him as #1 in his sport at SBHS.

*Nancy - reported on her grandchildren; Katie broke a track record; Sophi and Bella qualified so all three will be going to the Junior Olympics.

*Bob - happy he found a parking place.

*Dave FF - put his Lincoln automobile on EBay. He has been contacted by a researcher that told him all about his auto which appears to be one of a very small number remaining of the type.

*PJ - gave $10 to thank the Rotarians for their volunteer efforts at the Quechee Balloon Festival; he noted that he did survive ( and we are all thankful for that ).

*Brad - is happy that the paperwork is almost done for the purchase of a home in Windsor with John Candon and Margo assisting; Because "Jack" will not be attending our Changing of the Gavel at the historic Jericho School, he will present "Jack" his Paul Harris Fellowship at the closing on Friday morning.

*Margo - related a story about her car failing, having to get help from passers by and waiting in a police cruiser until she could be picked up by her father-in-law.

*Phil - with tongue in check gave a dollar because Margo's story was longer than his.

*Kipp - drove his wife and 2 family friends to Burlington for dinner; the three ladies each had their smart phone and were giving him directions of where he should be driving; Kipp noted that he has now found out how people are "driven to drink". 


Late: Kim, Margo, Dave F.                          Cell phone:  Rich  

No Pin:                                                         No Badge:  Brad, George, Kim  

Leaving Early:                           

Member proposed fines:                     

 50/50 drawing:

 Phil drew Rich's ticket. Rich chose a pink stone and did win the "pot" which he contributed to the Fun Fund.


                                 No Songs - No Excuses   ;-(


Today was a Club Assembly (Business meeting)


President Brad presented two awards that did not get presented for the 2015 ceremony

Bob Platt - 2015-2016 Rookie of the Year and Gayle Ottman - 2015-2016 Citizen of the Year.


     It was moved and seconded to accept the June Board Minutes as amended - passed

     It was moved and seconded to accept the May Financial Statement - passed

     Brad presented the situation that Coventry Catering will be leaving the Coolidge Hotel as of the end of October. Their contract runs out on November 1. 

     Beginning the first meeting in July on the 11th, our luncheons will be sandwiches and soup or salad a cookie and a drink. There will be a variety of sandwiches. This service will be provided by the BoHo Deli located in the Coolidge Hotel. The price will be $12.00. 

     The What, Where, and How of a place to meet and a food service is being discussed at the present time. Also, we are told that the Inn Keeper/Owner, David Briggs, is looking for a food service for the hotel.     

     Catching up on old business, the May Board minutes were moved, seconded and accepted.

     Rich announced that he had received an invitation from the Red Cross about them celebrating a Century of Service on 6/22 at the Coolidge Hotel from 4PM to 7PM and requested a representative from the Rotary to attend.

     Hartford Community Coalition still needs volunteers from 9 AM to 11 AM daily to help put together the summer lunches at the Hartford Middle School. Volunteers interested should contact Nancy Russell or Barbara Farnsworth to volunteer.

     The Glory Days of the Railroad meeting is planned for Thursday at 6 PM at the Municipal Building. This takes place the second weekend of September. (The planning meeting has since been changed as notified to you).

      Putting things in order, it was moved, seconded and passed for the Rotary Club to participate by providing the food service at the Glory Days of the Rairoad, 2017.

     The Club provides the food service for the Fourth of July fireworks.Volunteers are still needed.

It is expected that there will not be a Rotary Club meeting that day, and all volunteers can earn a make up by participating.

     Rich had planned to conduct a strategic plan discussion with the Club, but due to time constraints he will proceed with the process after he comes back.

     The meeting adjourned at 1:36 PM



  President Brad led The Four Way Test and the Rotary Motto.  


 See Program above 


Fri.     June  23     Passing of the Gavel   Jericho School House.  6:00 PM

Mon   June  26     Community Dinner. Listen Center.  3:00 - 6:00 PM

Tues  June  27     Regular meeting. Hotel Coolidge. 12:15 PM

                             Last meeting as President for Brad.

Tues  July   04     Independence Day. Make Ups serving at Kilowatt Park

Tues  July   11     Regular meeting. Hotel Coolidge.  12:15 PM time may change

Tues  July   18     Regular meeting. Hotel Coolidge.  12:15 PM time may change

Tues  July   25     Regular meeting. Hotel Coolidge   12:15 PM time may change


None admitted to ! 

Students of the Month:   Honored every month between October and May on the second Tuesday at the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center.


Service Above Self Awards: Presented two or three times a year to high school students who have served their community in a volunteer program.




     Members at the meeting:         

           David F. Ford, Jeremy Greeley, Phil Hammond,  Richard Hoffman,

           Margo Howland,Kipp Miller,  Gayle Ottmann, Kathi Perkins, Bob Platt,

           Kim Potter, Brad Rostron, Nancy Russell, David Saturley, PJ Skehan,         

           George Wenz.      (15)    

(28 - 4 = 24)

     Rotarians in Service to the community:

      Gayle and Nancy for organizing our social activities and working on the HCC.

      The Volunteers  at the Quechee Balloon Festival

     Community Members helping Rotary:  


     Rotarians at Rotary Social Events: 

     Rotarians We Missed:                                                          

      Alice Baird, Kenneth Baldwin  Nico Bekker, David Briggs, Scott Hausler,

      Sean Kuit, Dave Landry, Chip Lewis (H), Aaron MacAskill, Skip Nalette,

     Jim Rostron, Lisa Saturley, Ray Stanford, Brad Vail.             

(See the Website www.whiteriverrotaryusa.org for make up times and locations.)



                                             15 / 24 =  62.5 % at the meeting.


     Make Ups Reported:  Awards Committee - Dave Landry, Kim Potter, Phil Hammond 

     Board of Directors:  Phil Hammond, Margo Howland, David Landry, Aaron McAskill, Kim-Zoe                                           Potter, Brad Rostron, Jim Rostorn, PJ Skehan.

     Community Dinner: June 26, 2017 3:00 to 6:00 PM




 Notes by Gayle Ottmann                                          River Log Construction by Phil Hammond

 Editing by Gloria Hammond                                    Keyboarding and Email by Phil Hammond



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