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Newsletter - Current Sep 18, 2018
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The Rotary Club of White River Junction, Vermont, USA

The River Log 

     Rotary Logo old



 September 18, 2018

                                   Read "Ich bin ein Hamburger"

                                               The Rotarian, September 2018, p 28 to 39.


News Items:

 Due to a lack of a quorum at the meeting all major decisions were delayed to another time. The lack of a quorum was supported by Parliamentarian George.

Our Meeting:



    The Pledge to the Flag was led by President Rich. The song "America the Beautiful" was led by Phil.


    No guests, today. 

Visiting Rotarians:

   No visiting Rotarians today.

A  solemn moment: 

Gayle gave an invocation including thanks for the smiles Phil created.

Happy Dollars: Rotarian Jeremy Greeley served as Sergeant-at-Arms and did a great job!.

The following Rotarians were happy because:

* George - he is marrying Susan Birsky in Springfield on October 7. Rotarians are invited.

* Aaron - of the crowd here today $1; of George's happiness $1.

* Jim -  $2 for George

* Phil - $1 for the fun exchanging quips with George at the coffee pot.

* Jeremy - $1 for George; $1 he introduced his daughter to tennis.

* Dave FF - he sold his Lincoln to a buyer in Ohio.

* Gayle - $1 for George and Susan knowing that Susan will take good care of him; $1 for all the marriage philosopy that Richard shared with us before the meeting.


Late:                                                                      Cell phone:

No Pin:  Rich, Aaron                                            No Badge:

Leaving Early:

Member proposed Fines:


Songs:           Phil entertained the crowd with a rendition of "Little Duckie Duddles" in order to bring a smile on the faces of the crowd, just before the patriotic song. 

50/50 drawing:

   George drew his own number. George chose a white heart shaped rock and did not win the "pot".  


Club Assembly

As the parliamentarian declared there was not a quorum in attendance, all decisions could only be considered as a consensus of those in attendance.

      The By-Laws: Article IV Meetings. Section 2.  A majority of the membership shall constitute a quorum at any meetings of  this club. Membership - 24; Majority - 13; In Attendance - 10.


      President Richard discussed the Polar Express meeting on Monday. The report and discussion included:

          1. VTrans has rented the old visitor center space apparently removing it from PEX use.

         2. Relocation of the food service and the Cocoa Shed may be required.

         3. A creative solution to a waiting space for children and parents waiting for their train ride may be                   required and solutions are being discussed.      

          4. There will not be a Photography Shed this year. Parents are taking pictures with Santa on the train.

          5. Water for the Cocoa Shed is a solution under investigation.

          6. Providing a service for the local military may be a possibility as a pro bono service.

          7. Using the baggage car for this is a possibility. Will  have to upgrade services.

          8. Santa Claus is on board - help for Santa is under consideration and suggestions were made.

     CATV Channel 8 has requested the Rotary to do a video for presentation to the public. Arrangements have been made to accomplish this on September 26 at 3:00 PM at the studio. Executive Director, Donna Girot, has agreed to be the narrator and ask Rotarians to respond to pre-submitted questions. (Rotarians will be asked to participate and prepare for a question to which they can respond. Volunteers are sought and some will be asked.) This is being conducted as part of the Rotary Week celebration in October.

     CATV Channel 8 has requested the Rotary to provide food at their Harry Potter Festival in October. The festival is a money raiser for the station.

     Department of Children and Families has asked for a $200 donation towerd  holding a holiday party for the foster children in their care. The consensus of the members present were enthusiastic in approval.




Planning the Polar Express for December 8 and 9, 2018



   President Rich  led the 4-Way test and the Rotary motto.


Congratulations to George Wenz and Susan Birsky. 


 Tues.   Sept    25          Regular meetng.   Hotel Coolidge.  12:00 Noon

 Wed.    Sept    26          Rotary interview at Channel 8.  3:00 PM

 Tues.    Oct       2          Regular meeting.  Hotel Coolidge.   12:00 Noon

 Tues.    Oct       9          Regular meetng.   Hartford Area Career and Technology Center                                                                                     12:00 Noon

 Tues     Oct      16          Regular meetng.   Hotel Coolidge.  12:00 Noon

 Tues     Oct      23          Public meeting.  Place and time to be announced

 Tues.    Oct      30          Possible Family Event.  Arrangements to be announced


None were admitted to. 

Students of the Month:  Honored every month between October and May on the second Tuesday at the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center. 

Service Above Self Awards:  Presented two or three times a year to high school students who have served their community in a vounteer program. 


   Members at the meeting:

     Attendees are highlighted.

David Briggs, Lori Brown, Stephen Dotson,  David F. Ford, Jeremy Greeley, Phil Hammond,  

Scott Hausler, Richard Hoffman, Margo Howland, Renee Hebert, David Landry, Chip Lewis (H), 

Aaron MacAskill, Kipp Miller, Skip Nalette, Gayle Ottmann, Jim Rostron, Nancy Russell, 

Wayne Russell, David Saturley, Lisa Saturley,  PJ Skehan, Ray Stanford, Brad Vail,

George Wenz.   10 out of  (24)

   Rotarians in Service to the community:

   Community members helping Rotary:

     Gloria, Kenneth Baldwin 

   Rotarians at Rotary Social Events:

   Rotarians we missed:

       Missing Rotarians are not highlighted above.


                                                         10 /24 = 42% at the meeting.

Make UPs Reported

 None given


Notes by Gayle Ottmann                                              River Log Construction by Phil Hammond

Editing by Gloria Hammond                                         Keyboarding and Email by Phil Hammond.

Photo by Phil Hammond