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Newsletter - Current Sep 19, 2017
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The Rotary Club of White River Junction, Vermont, USA

The River Log 

     Rotary Logo old

September 19, 2017   


Read "The Age of Invention",

The Rotarian, September 2017, p, 43-47.


News Items:


Our Meeting:


 The Pledge was led by President Rich. The song "America the Beautiful" was led by Phil.

Thoughtful Moment:

 Gayle gave an invocation.


     We welcomed Sue Shaw to our meeting, today. She is both a guest and a new member meeting with us for the first time. Sue is transferring from Hanover because of her new position as financial services officer for the Upper Valley Aquatic Center. Sue replaces Carmel Paulson in that position and as a member.

Visiting Rotarians:


Happy Dollars:  Rotarian "Kangaroo Judge", Ray, served as Sergeant-at-Arms.

The following Rotarians were happy because:

* Phil - He got a note from PJ saying he was  home and ready to entertain short visits; Phil

got a note from Gavin Sinclair from WRRC, SA with a picture of their current president, Frances Hyson and RI President Ian Riseley as she was presenting him a copy of a book produced  by Books in Homes, their extraordinary Literacy project, which the WRRC, USA is happy to support by direct donations to their program; and Phil announced there were pears and tomatoes for folks to take home from his orchard and garden.



* Sue - she is glad to be here; she can announce UVAC Open House Saturday, 9/23/17, to show their new physical exercise addition; and announce that UVAC will receive VT's ADA Governor's Award on 10/10/17 for working with disabled people who cannot get traditional jobs.

* Rich - he can compliment UVAC for the award as it is a statewide representation; he can announce that today is the Club Assembly (business meeting); and that he is going to Kansas for the birth of his granddaughter and will be absent for two weeks; and that his well is being fracked today to try to increase the water flow beyond 2 gallons per hour.

* Kipp - PJ is home and recuperating. The S-a-A noted that the dollar he gave up was so curmpled it looked like it had been stored in a can and buried in his yard for years.

* Aaron - he had a great weekend at the Highland Games in New Hampshire.

* Nancy - our Exchange Student, Celi, is doing well. She is using her Google translator less and less. Celi is scheduled to make a presentation to the Club on November 28 and will be studying to do it all in English.    GO CELI !

* Gayle - her daughter Jana and her new Australian Shepherd, Elli, visited from Maine.

* Kim - she had a grand time at a conference in Portsmouth, N.H. and enjoyed her trip to downtown with all there is to see and do there. (Phil graduated from Portsmouth High School and Portsmouth is his favorite city.)

* Ray - he and Sue are 1/2 way through the annual ritual of staining one side of their Log Cabin B&B beside Crystal Lake in N.H. 


Late:                                                              Cell phone:  Phil (2)

No Pin:                                                         No Badge:  

Leaving Early:                          

Member proposed fines:  One of Phil's calls was from Brad Rostron during the meeting. Phil called him back to have him fined also. His phone was on flash which Phil saw and proposed he pay the fine. The vote was unnanimous NO and Phil paid the fine with great pleasure. (There is no rule about silent ways to receive a call - just no calls. You decide what is fair to all!}        ;-)               

50/50 drawing:

 Sue drew Jim's ticket. Jim chose a white stone heart and did not win the "pot".

 Sing-A-Long:      Song one: R.O.T.A.R.Y.


President Rich conducted the Club Assembly


Both the financial statements and the minutes were distributed.

Financials were reviewed and accepted. The minutes were reviewed by Rich stating the items that required action or amendment.

     It was noted that comments had been made that grace as given in the past represented only one faith. It was decided to use materials from Rotary International and other resources as an invocation using materials that were religiously neutral.

     It was noted that the water damage in the basement of the People's United Bank, where our materials are stored, was caused by a mechanical failure, not rain.

     It was noted that the place of the Board meetings should be noted as Room #301 in the Gates Briggs Building. (Next BOD meeting to be held at the Comfort Inn 4th floor meeting room.)

     Kim moved to accept the minutes as amended with Nancy seconding. Motion Passed.

Polar Express: The levels of sponsorship were discussed. An inquiry was made about sponsorship levels beyond $1,000.  A $1500 level was suggested. A solution was given that someone could give a $1,000 and a $500 sponsorship and receive the awards for each level. A $2500 sponsorship was proposed along with the rewards. Motion made/seconded and passed.

     Rich noted that Sean has agreed to print the song books and any other print material needed for the 2017 PEX.

     Dave Saturley reported that Jack Candon will be the Santa for all trips. He said that was easier than waiting around and skipping a ride.

     PEX website is planned to be up and running in Mid October. There are folks waiting to order their tickets.

Accolade of a sort:

     Kipp thanked Phil for taking over George's role (in reference to discussing the minutes.) Phil is not sure that anyone but George can fill George's role.  


 President Rich led The Four Way Test and the Rotary Motto.



 See minutes and Happy Dollars. 


Sat     Sep   23     Leadership Training at DHMC  All four levels.

Mon   Sep   25     Community Dinner.  Listen Center. 3:00 PM  Please sign up.

Tue    Sep   26     Regular meeting. Hotel Coolidge. 12:00 Noon  

Tue    Oct      3     Regular meeting. Hotel Coolidge. 12:00 Noon

Mon   Oct.     9     Board of Directors. 5:00 PM.  Comfort Inn, Fourth Floor.

Tue    Oct    10     Regular meeting. Hartford Area Career and Technology Center.  12:00 Noon

Wed   Oct    11     Polar Express Committee. Quechee Visitor Center. 5:15 PM

Tue    Oct    17     Regular meeting. Hotel Coolidge. 12:00 Noon

Mon   Oct    23     Community Dinner.  Listen Center. 3:00 PM  Please sign up.

Tue    Oct    24     Regular meeting. Hotel Coolidge. 12:00 Noon

Tue    Oct    31     Regular meeting. Hotel Coolidge. 12:00 Noon



 None noted.

Students of the Month:   Honored every month between October and May on the second Tuesday at the Hartford Area Career and Technology Center.


Service Above Self Awards: Presented two or three times a year to high school students who have served their community in a volunteer program.




     Members at the meeting:


  David F. Ford, Jeremy Greeley, Phil Hammond, Richard Hoffman, Margo Howland,

  Aaron MacAskill, Kipp Miller,  Gayle Ottmann, Kim Potter, Brad Rostron, Jim Rostron, 

  Nancy Russell, Wayne Russell, David Saturley, Sue Shaw, Ray Stanford,     (16)          

(29 - 4 = 25)

     Rotarians in Service to the community:


     Community Members helping Rotary:



     Rotarians at Rotary Social Events:


     Rotarians We Missed:                                                          

       Alice Baird, David Briggs, Scott Hausler, Sean Kuit, Dave Landry, Chip Lewis (H), 

       Skip Nalette, Tad Nunez, Kathi Perkins, Bob Platt, Lisa Saturley, PJ Skehan, 

       Brad Vail, George Wenz.           (13)

(See the Website www.whiteriverrotaryusa.org for make up times and locations.)



                                              16 / 25 =  64 % at the meeting.    

     Make Ups Reported:

     Board of Directors:

     Community Dinner:


 Notes by Gayle Ottmann                                           River Log Construction by Phil Hammond

 Editing by Gloria Hammond                                      Keyboarding and Email by Phil Hammond

                                              Picture by Unknown from South Africa.



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